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group coaching panels 2019

Our Group Coaching Programs for Spring 2019 have been finalized and are listed below. Our panels include both Adult and Junior programs as well as Mens and Ladies senior teams. For more information or to add a participant please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Group lessons 2019

Monday 11-12pm Wednesday 11-12pm Saturday 10-11am Subject:

1 18th February 20th February 23rd February Putting

2 25th February 27th February 2nd March Short Game

3 4th March 6th March 9th March Short Game

4 11th March 13th March 23rd March Long Game

5 25th March 20th March 30th March Long Game

6 1st April 27th March 6th April Putting

7 8th April 3rd April 13th April Short Game

8 15th April 10th April 27th April Short Game

9 29th April 17th April 4th May Long Game

10 13th May 24th April 11th May Long Game          

ladies Team Old Conna coaching

Thursday 10-11 am / 11am-12pm Saturday 12-1 pm

7th February 9th February

14th February 16th February

21st February 23rd February

28th February 2nd March

7th March 9th March

14th March 23rd March

Men’s team Old Conna coaching

Monday 6-8pm Thursday 6-8pm Location

1 11th February 7th February Stepaside Driving Range

2 18th February 21st February Stepaside Driving Range

3 25th february 28th February Stepaside Driving Range

4 4th March 7th March Old Conna Golf Academy

5 11th March 14th March Old Conna Golf Academy

6 25th March 21st March Old Conna Golf Academy


Junior Program 2019

Junior Coaching will resume on Saturday 9th February.

Classes will take place each Saturday thereafter from 3-4 pm.

All junior and juvenile members are welcome to attend.

Classes will also take place on Thursday afternoons during the Summer Holidays.

Details of Summer Camps will be announced at a later date.